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"Polished from her metallic gold wig to her patent leather high heels, gripping a clipboard. Remarkably unchanged except for the vacant look in her eyes.” - Mockingjay

accioabaddon: "That was a wrong wording and I am sorry for that. I was a bit surprised that people thought I was a female. And I don't consider myself transphobic or sth. WEll if you do that's fine. But I accept you and everyone. But well if you still consider me as that that's fine."







It’s not wrong fucking wording. It’s wrong fucking mindset. I also notice you say “I didn’t mean it that way” Yes, yes you did. Otherwise you would have said it the way you meant it. As for what YOU consider yourself, doesn’t matter. Equating penis with male = transphobic and transmisogyny. I’m pretty sure you have witnessed some racist ass people say “I’m not racist” but that doesn’t change the fact. Yes, you are a male. Because that’s how you identify. You are transphobic and transmisogynistic too because you very clearly equated gender expression and genitalia and that shit don’t fly. Give a real ass apology if you’re so worried on your blog. Don’t come to me to make yourself feel better about being an asshole

Cunt bag, back the fuck off. Just because you’re easily offended gives you no right to freak out on ANYONE!! Fuck the hell off and go fucking fuck yourself you stupid cunt. He’s adorable and perfect and if you’re so easily offended hop the fuck off tumblr because no one is going to sensor themselves for you to feel “comfortable” I hate you. I hate you so fucking much. Go fucking bury yourself and be miserable on your own.

Hey cool let’s go throwing slurs at trans people for calling out transmisogyny!

My best friend is transgendered. But you’re literally just a fucking cunt. Being transgender or transsexual or a transvestite doesn’t give you the right to be an upright fucking cunt. So yes. You’re a cunt and I hate you. The end.


I typed transgender. Sorry that I hate you so much that I wasn’t paying attention to the spelling my iPod changed it to. But I hate you. I truthfully do. You’re enough of a cunt that you’re the only person in the world I would be okay with actually pushing in front of a truck. And it’s not because you’re Trans, you stupid fucking cop-out drag queen. It’s because you truthfully are the biggest cunt I’ve ever met. I’m pansexual cunt bag. I DATE transvestites for fucks sake. But I hate you.

Can you please stop using all those swear words. Wow. 

I’m all for open discussion, but attacking each other never helps.

Okay. That’s is just my opinion, not a fact. Bye.

I’m installing Rollercoaster Tycoon. 

Goodbye life. Hello childhood.